Quality of ServiceSetting High Standards


Quality combined with high professional standards, has always been a major concern of Helintec.

We focus on developing and updating software and services of high standard and quality, maintaining Helintec on the edge of leading forces in the market. Reassuring our clients for the high standard we have set, we aim to provide personalized experience in order to meet their organizational goals.
The company’s products are approved by major classification societies and meet global quality standards. Ship modeling and ERS procedures are certified by ISO 9001:2015.

Partnerships & Certifications

We are partnering with leading key companies of the Marine Industry and certify our solutions on a regular basis.



The Quality Policy adopted by HELINTEC S.A. is understood by all Personnel and Associates. We depend on our members and customers and therefore we should understand their current and future needs, we should meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.

Top Management has established quality objectives which should be reviewed annually. This is achieved through:

  • Consideration of the Company’s context and aligning the Quality Management System with its strategic direction
  • Compliance with the current regulations
  • Satisfying the relevant customers’ and interested parties’ needs and requirements

The policy of HELINTEC S.A. is to provide controlled and continually improving services to International Marine Industries, based on providing an unbiased personal service to each client and being responsive to their individual requirements.

Additionally, in order to satisfy the needs of its clients, HELINTEC S.A. continually improves the effectiveness of the quality management system within the wider spectrum of enhancing the safety of life and property and protecting the environment through the provision of ship modeling and Ship Emergency Response services and the application of recognized standards and sound technical judgment.

The Company adopts a proactive approach concerning any legal requirements and the needs of its customers, and is responsive to their comments, requests, suggestions or complaints, trying always to improve the value of its service. We will ensure that customer requirements are monitored and met in order to enhance customer satisfaction.

The company’s employees’ training, experience, competence and academic education satisfy the company’s objectives. Company’s personnel at all levels are the essence of our company and therefore the management creates and maintains the internal environment in which all employees can become fully involved in achieving company’s objectives.

The Company sets measurable and meaningful quality objectives, follows and reviews them for ensuring continual improvement. The continual improvement of HELINTEC S.A., the overall performance and delivering of services should be a permanent objective for all employees. The Quality Management System is the tool for development, improvement and further recognition of the company and has strong support of the management in terms of resources and means for the efficient and effective implementation and continuous improvement.

The company will comply at all times with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.

For the achievement of the aforementioned, the company has documented and is implementing a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001, encompassing all activities affecting the quality of provided services and relationship with Customers. It is required from all Company employees to know and understand this Policy. This policy is available to all interested parties, as appropriate.