ANKOMarine Load Planner

Automated Load Planning & Loading Calculationssafe and efficient ship operation

ANKO Marine Load Plannerâ„¢ is an integrated and user friendly system for load planning and loading calculations offering numerous functions and facilities for safe and efficient ship operation.

ANKO provides a wide range of modules for on-board and office use. It is designed to operate on a interactive graphical environment. The user always works on the actual vessel plan, screens are self explanatory, have a consistent format and provide quick access to the information required to perform a given task.

ANKO is type approved by all major Classification Societies.

It is suitable for use:

On-board, as a loading instrument.

On-board, as an intelligent terminal to collect, display and asses various vessel parameters such as online tank level measurement and hull stress monitoring equipment.

At the office, as a stand alone system.

Integrated to AUTOPLAN & SAFESALV, forming a comprehensive environment to support decision making of shipowners and operators.