HCadComputer Aided Ship Design

Ship Design SimplifiedVery flexible and capable of accommodating the most demanding applications

HCad is a Computer Aided Ship Design package. It has been designed and developed using an object-oriented philosophy. The geometry handling modules are very flexible and capable of accommodating the most demanding applications. Definition of 3D objects is done interactively. The geometry modules allow for hull transformation and lines fairing.

In particular the user can:

  • Define Lines, Surfaces, Rooms, Arrangements and create 2D and 3D geometrical objects

  • Fair and Transform hull forms

  • Perform a wide range of naval architectural calculations such as  Hydrostatics, Cross curves, Compartment volumes and moments, Floodable lengths, Sectional areas, Heeling moments, Grain related calculations.These can be linked to H-Load, a powerful and flexible ship loading calculations module

  • Carry out Intact and Damaged Stability calculations (IMO-A265, A684, MSC/Circ A574, etc.) and produce relevant reports 

  • Perform a probabilistic Damaged Stability Analysis as this is specified by various resolutions