SAFESALVEmergency Response

Immediate Automated Assessment Of Extraordinary Eventspowerful decision support tool

SAFESALV is an advanced system for the immediate assessment of Damage/Grounding vessel conditions and the evaluation of alternative salvage scenarios. SAFESALV provides all those facilities which allow the on-line interactive examination of What If scenarios, making it a powerful decision support tool. 

The SAFESALV system is used for Emergency Response.

In SAFESALV the user defines the initial loading condition and indicates the damage on the vessel, working on the actual vessel plan. In case of grounding or combined damage and grounding, the measured draughts at selected points around the vessel, as well as the type, and optionally the extent, of grounding, are input.

As soon as the damage is specified, the floating position in the damaged condition is found. The IMO damage stability criteria are checked and the stresses exerted on the ship’s structure are calculated. User inputs and calculated results are graphically displayed.


The cargo permeability can be set by the user. For partially filled holds with bulk cargo, calculation of the combined permeability is carried out. In particular, the system considers the loaded and free space of each hold with different permeabilities. Depending on the calculated in-flooded water level, the combined permeability is found and accounted for.

The damage calculation is based on either liquid surfaces parallel to the waterline or, optionally, on frozen surfaces. Damage conditions can be stored and complete reporting is available. 

Marginal points are displayed graphically. In the print out the calculated actual Free-board and Immersion angle at each marginal point are shown.

Cargo Shift

Given the heel of the vessel, the shifted cargo TCG is adjusted so that the calculated heel matches the observed.

Grounding Calculations

Grounding and re-floating calculations include:

  • Grounding area

  • Grounding force and position

  • Force required to free the vessel

  • Pressure on grounded area

    Different types of grounding, that is, on One Pin, Two Pins or Seabed can be examined.  Tide can also be defined and taken into account.

    Off-line interactive evaluation of corrective actions/scenarios can be carried out. 

    Simultaneous flooding and grounding is supported by SAFESALV.

    Residual Strength

    Provides an estimation of the effect of the structural damages on vessel's strength. The position and extent (in terms of length, breadth and depth) of the structural damages are given by the user. The residual strength is estimated by re-definition of the permissible bending and shear stresses after the structural damages.

Note: SAFESALV is also available as a Stand-Alone Tool.