SEMTShip Efficiency Monitoring

Easily Monitor & Optize A Ship's PerformanceDesigned specifically to assist Ship Operators

SEMT is a software package designed to assist Ship Operators monitor and optimize the Performance, Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of vessels.

SEMT supports the Operator to:

  • Monitor FO, DO & LO consumptions, based on Noon Reports, for a single vessel

  • Monitor ship’s CO2 emission indicators, including EEOI as per IMO MEPC.1/Circ 684, SOx & NOx  indicators

  • Store consumption and performance data, synchronize information with the office and compare consumption, emission and performance metrics across specific groups of ships or the whole fleet

  • Select the 'best' Trim to load a vessel, to reduce ship resistance and save FO

  • Calculate Speed and Consumption performance against Charter Party

  • Estimate and monitor the trend of Hull & Propeller performance penalty, due to fouling/roughness, in order to optimize/plan cleaning for fuel saving, based on operator's criteria

  • Compare alternative routes, based on desired sailing speeds and weather forecasts, to select the optimal one based on expected fuel consumption or required time of arrival

    SEMT is Ship Specific, which means that it is based on a model specifically prepared for every ship. The preparation of the package requires engineering information, depending on the applicable modules, such as:

  • Detailed Hull Model, including characteristics such as Transom, Bulb, Superstructures and Rudder details

  • Propeller Geometry and KT - KQ curves

  • Main Engine details and operational data from engine manufacturers’ shop test results and method on estimation of BHP

  • Ship Model Tank tests & results

  • Sea Trial data & results

    The delivered system includes both software and engineering information. The ship model is thoroughly verified to accurately match the official vessel documentation.