Performance MonitoringPerformance Monitoring Service

Helintec, in addition to the SEMT software, can provide Vessel Performance Monitoring as a service. Utilizing the SEMT resistance model and actual data input during sailing, the vessel condition can be monitored and detailed reports can be generated and interpreted.‚Äč Performance monitoring is usually a very demanding task with the resistance modeling and analysis software being only part of the solution.

Helintec's engineers, with experience on a large number of modeled vessels, internal knowledge of the resistance calculations and access to a large database of performance data, can provide consulting, interpretation and insight on top of the software.

"Noise-free" information of significant added value can be delivered on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

Using constant monitoring with direct data flow from the vessel or, alternatively, batch extraction of data from the SEMT database, Helintec can help the shipowner/operator to have specific information on the vessel's condition at the moment it is required.

For larger fleets, or groups of sister ships, comparative reports and correlations can help make the assessment even more accurate and support a wide range of operational decisions.